Hitchhiker Killed by Muslims?A girl had been raped

Hitchhiker Killed by Muslims?A girl had been raped

A lady had been murdered mail order brides and raped in Turkey throughout a trek for “world comfort.”

Collected via email, February 2016

On 19 February 2016, the website Yes I’m Right shared an account about a lady who had previously been raped and murdered while hitchhiking in the centre East:

This Facebook post (and blatantly headline that is clickbaiting connected to a write-up (riddled with inconsistencies, bad information, and misspellings) in regards to the loss of Giuseppina Pasqualino di Marineo, better called Pippa Bacca, a doing artist who was simply killed during a global comfort work referred to as “Brides on Tour”:

Girl hitchhiked through the middle east to show muslims are calm. Whatever they did that is next!

We as conservatives get yourself a rap that is bad we state Muslims and Islam don’t operate under peaceful ideologies. Continue reading “Hitchhiker Killed by Muslims?A girl had been raped”