things your post-sex behavior says in regards to you

things your post-sex behavior says in regards to you

In terms of post-sex behavior, the misconception is definitely that males get to sleep while females like to cuddle.

Nevertheless, the stark reality is much more varied and interesting, which may be why I happened to be therefore astonished when cliphunter, years back, we slept with a man I became dating for the very first time and he desired to lie during sex and talk after we’d done the deed (gasp!).

Wasn’t somebody designed to at minimum light a smoking?

Whereas some social individuals enjoy heart-to-heart pillow talk, other people choose to demolish a pizza – or as we’re learning – take #aftersex selfies. You opt to invest your post-coital bliss, current research has revealed that everything you do after intercourse is equally as essential as intercourse it self.

In a research of 456 undergraduates, Daniel Kruger and Susan Hughes, two scientists during the University of Michigan, unearthed that in couples, a lady is equally as likely as a guy to function as the very first to get to sleep. But, irrespective of sex, whoever ended up being the partner who wasn’t snoozing after orgasm felt really omitted. The one who dropped asleep final indicated a wish to have greater bonding and communication from their partner. Whether post-sex bonding is available in the type of cuddles, speaing frankly about every day or watching a bout of House of Cards while curled up in eachother’s hands, the one thing is obvious: regarding nurturing your relationship, any such thing is better than dropping off to sleep on the partner when you’ve had sexy time – well, very nearly.

This was in the days before smartphones, when checking one’s email required walking across the room and parking oneself in Continue reading “things your post-sex behavior says in regards to you”